We believe the best time to solve a technical problem is before it becomes a problem. That’s why our Technical Support team is involved with our pre-sales services to help design proposals and solutions that can be incorporated with your operations as smoothly as possible.

Technical Support provides valuable input as you investigate network planning and design, site planning and disaster recovery planning. They are a valuable part of our research and development teams as well. They are on the front lines and give us daily feedback on our product. Team members are highly trained and able to offer suggestions for every situation.

Through our support team, healthcare organizations receive maximum benefit and utilization from CosmetiSuite.

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Your Updates

You’d never treat your patients with yesterday’s therapies or medications.

CosmetiSuite will make sure you’re not relying on outdated software or solutions. Our Research and Development staff is charged with the monumental task of soliciting customer feedback, anticipating industry needs, and creating solutions that enhance your operation.

With every software maintenance agreement comes our guarantee that we will provide updates and upgrades so your system remains state-of-the-art-and provides you with the greatest efficiency, highest quality and best value possible.

Support Automation

Because CosmetiSuite is committed to establishing company-wide processes and systems that support excellent service, the company uses a corporate support automation system. This system is both a case-management system to enable proactive support and a defect-tracking system to monitor product change requests. This enables your team members to:

  • Identify customers and site contacts
  • Track products installed at each customer site
  • Track all cases logged by each customer
  • Automate case routing across the support enterprise
  • Provide customers with Internet access for logging cases
  • Measure your support service levels

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