Reports are a cornerstone of practice maintenance, management, overview, and financial status. With CosmetiSuite Reports you have over 100 report options. Office administrators are empowered with easily generated summaries or detailed overviews of every aspect of the medical office operation.

  • On-the-fly report and template customization with Report Builder.
  • Quick selection and report generation.
  • Easy to understand and readable.
  • Extensive filtering and data mining capabilities.
  • Reports can be graphically represented for snapshot overviews.
  • Export capability to Windows applications or HTML.
  • Quick access to patient accounts and charts so issues can be resolved within a few steps AND without losing your place.

Take Your Analysis to the Next Level with CosmetiSuite Reports:

  • Revenue Reports
  • Patient Demographic Reports
  • Outstanding Bill Reports
  • Aging Bill Reports
  • Patient Visit Analysis by: Referral, Insurance, Diagnosis, and more...
  • Pre-Day Close Reports
  • Scheduler, Check-In/Check-Out
  • Cases and Claims
  • Visit Notes (EMR)
  • Accounts Receivable Reports
  • MIS Reports Including: Rejection Summary, No-Show Appointment Count, Write-Off Summary, Procedure Frequency, and more...

In today’s medical practices and facilities, it is imperative for practice administrators to have the tools necessary to give them a snapshot of the entire office’s operation so they know where the practice stands at all times. A successful office requires the ability for administrators and/or physicians to keep track of all operations both medical and business related such as: A/R accuracies, human resource efficiencies, and patient care trends. Reports can also be quickly customized, generated and saved for future use on the fly with the Report Builder option.

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