Patient Milestones

Studies show that timely, effective follow up and communications with new patients will help ensure good conversion rates and patient satisfaction. With that in mind, our Patient Milestones feature provides a proactive tool for your staff so that they don't have to routinely pore over reports to identify who to contact and what information to send to patients as they progress from inquiry to surgery. This will increase the probability that your new inquiries and patients won’t “fall through the cracks” and will enjoy a satisfying experience and successful treatment.


  • Create specific Treatment Plans to encompass all of your major procedures, with Milestone check points that trigger specific actions
  • As new appointments are made, CosmetiSuite automatically creates a list of patients with their milestone information for one-click follow-up action
  • Information packets are customized for your practice, by procedure and provider, to be generated at each Milestone in the patient’s treatment plan
  • Packets are sent via Email or postal mail based on patient preference


  • Patients receive the crucial information and forms that they need at each stage of their treatment
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction and the potential for improved conversion rates

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