Letter Writer

Simplify writing letters with CosmetiSuite Letter Writer. You can select and customize letter templates or edit templates that are pre-populated with patient demographics, procedure preference, and more patient information.

Extremely efficient time saver with built in letter tracking — avoid having to handwrite or even type letters anymore.

Letters can be saved into the patient’s chart, faxed, printed and e-mailed to third parties directly through CosmetiSuite.

Each letter is connected to the corresponding patient master so letter tracking is organized and easy to back search.

Generate patient specific personalized letters without having to click away from the Visit Note.

Instantly include any patient data point like an entire visit note in the text of any letter.

Front office staff no longer wastes time and money on tedious tasks — no more re-typing or transcribing doctor’s notes into a letter.

Letters can be faxed, printed, and emailed to the patient’s referral doctor, insurance company, claims adjuster, attorneys or anyone who may be interested in the patient’s progress.

Use the integrated Scheduler module to create and print mass mailings customized to user-defined criteria such as:

  • Scheduled patient procedures
  • Status of appointments
  • Specific doctors

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