Auto Form Filler

Eliminate redundant data entry and keep your workflow efficient. With CosmetiSuite Form Filler, you can pre-populate all necessary patient information on frequently used forms — so you and your patients never have to again.

  • Record patient demographic information once with standard forms.
  • Acquire signatures digitally so you don't have to use paper for text-based forms (e.g., HIPAA agreement).
  • Automated processes are efficient and more accurate
    Create different text-based forms and specify the frequency those forms need to be completed by the patient.
  • Increase portability and accessibility
    Integrate with Tablet PC, Pocket PC or a touch screen monitor to collect signatures and information.
  • Simplify check-in procedures to free up front desk staff time
    Integrate with the CosmetiSuite Auto Check-in facilities.
  • Reduce need for printed labels
    Personalize image forms with patient specific information.
  • Patients are prepared for their doctor visit.
    Mail or fax forms to patients prior to visit. Link to forms that need to be completed for specific procedures.
  • Integrate forms directly to your Visit Note
    Physicians who prefer to continue using familiar forms for Visit Notes rather than template-based entry are free to do so

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