Check In / Check Out

Comprehensive management of patient flow results in improved patient care and office efficiency. The CosmetiSuite Check-In / Check-Out module delivers patient status and related instruction communication between the physician and the front office staff during patient check-in and check-out.

  • Significantly and intelligently improve workflow and maximize resource allocation...
    Actively monitor patient flow in/out of office.
  • Maintain a paperless office...
    Proactively and securely obtain electronic signatures to ensure all required signatures are obtained prior to encounter (mitigates liability).
  • Improve collections and increase revenues...
    Proactively collect co-pays.
  • Improve patient safety and fraud prevention...
    Proactively obtain digital pictures.
  • Ensure all encounters are billed and never overlooked or missed...
    Link directly to billing.
  • Enable doctors to communicate patient and staff instructions directly from exam room...
    Check-out staff is prompted to complete important tasks prior to patient departure to maximize physician’s time and improve patient care.

The Check-In/Check-Out Module is an integral component for any multi-specialty, individual ambulatory clinic/office, or multi-office practice. It may be utilized by any staff members (front office staff, MDs, MAs, office managers, off-site managers) that wish to manage the entire patient flow by doctor, room and procedure in and out of multi-specialty, multi-office, individual ambulatory clinics or offices. With the Healthcare Portal feature, patients can even schedule their next appointment and enter/fill out information for required forms via a secure Internet interface.

There is also an auto-scan feature for insurance cards and photos that syncs directly into the patient’s electronic chart. This ensures that insurance cards and personal information is recorded as-is with no error prone manual data entry. Practices are effortlessly able to stay up to date with frequently changing patient insurance information increasing the accuracy and timeliness of collections.

  • Intermittent updates of the patient’s appointment status relays waiting time and patient location in the office
  • Patient tracking from check-in to check-out provides assurance that all required procedural documents, insurances, billing, payments, visit notes, prescriptions, letters, and follow-up appointment scheduling are complete
  • Auto Check-In permits the patient to check themselves in when arriving at the office using a secure and private computer interface: the patient is able to input their demographics and complaints before seeing the doctor
  • Mufti-office functionality allows viewing and monitoring of all offices from a central location
  • Individualized view(s)
  • Quickly validate patient demographics and insurance details
  • Collect Vital Signs
  • Ability to handle walk-in patients
  • Secure Auto Check In kiosk (patient can securely, quickly check themselves in)
  • Auto reminder for applicable forms to be filled (patient questionnaire, demographics, insurance, etc.) and presented to patient.
  • Auto reminder for applicable forms to be signed (HIPAA Agreement, Insurance Authorization, etc.) and presented to patient for signature capture.
  • Ability to alter attending physician on the fly
  • Room selection and assignment at check-in
  • Ability to quickly and easily monitor patient location and waiting status throughout office(s)
  • Alert and prompt for user defined parameters (outstanding balances, insurance expiration, etc.)
  • Auto prompt for collection of co-payments
  • Proactively obtain digital pictures
  • Desk-side scanning of ID, forms, insurance cards, etc.
  • Monitor waiting time
  • One-click access to patient’s chart view
  • Individualized view(s)
  • Follow up notes
  • Schedule next appointment
  • Auto print letters or careplans
  • Visit note
  • Confirmation of next appointment
  • Work excuse
  • Reminders (MD defined for such things as follow-up)
  • Print/Fax prescription
  • If not signed during Check In, reminders for forms to be signed
  • If applicable, Lab Test/Specimen labels printed for MAs or office staff
  • If Superbill not completed by physician, front staff to be prompted
  • One-click access to patient’s chart view

CosmetiSuite’s unique Check-In/Check-Out Module is completely customizable by user and/or administrator with a thorough, step-by-step prompting flow that ensures the completion of all vital check-out tasks -- for the office, the patient and the regulatory environment. These check-out prompts include:

  • Notification of an incomplete Superbill to ensure every patient encounter gets appropriately billed
  • Checking for co-pays or balances due from patients
  • Collecting any updated insurance or demographic information
  • Processing any referrals or care-related orders
  • Scheduling follow-up appointments
  • the visit note and/or care plans for the patient
  • Ensuring receipt of all necessary lab test specimens and the printing of corresponding labels
  • Printing of letters and certificates
  • Reminders that can be directed to any staff member
  • Faxing and/or printing of prescriptions
  • One click access to patient chart view

CosmetiSuite offers a complete contract management solution that ensures that all preferred and necessary documents, forms, insurance details and demographic information is received and input into each patient’s electronic master chart — before the patient is checked in.

  • Users are prompted to validate patient information or necessary authorizations and referrals at the appointment scheduling, check-in, check-out and billing points of the patient encounter where required
  • The system also notifies users of procedures that are not covered, diagnoses that are incorrect, and required modifiers that are missing

CosmetiSuite recognizes that scheduling patients in the health care arena is a complex integral office flow component that must be able to handle multiple variables and mitigate common error spots. Scheduling complexities exist even for single-office/single provider practices and are amplified significantly at multi-office/multi-provider practices.

To address modern scheduling needs, CosmetiSuite has designed a mutli-functional and highly-developed, yet flexible and user friendly Scheduling Module in its CosmetiSuite platform. Leaving your practice susceptible to scheduling errors can result in missed appointments, patients showing up when doctors are not scheduled, overbooking, and potentially costly patient care liability exposure.

CosmetiSuite’s scheduling module includes an array of features that will keep your office running smoothly, increase practice productivity, provide scheduling accountability, and provide optimum patient satisfaction:

  • Customizable scheduling parameters
  • Quick and intelligent future appointment availability searching
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly views as well as multi-doctor, multi-room, and multi-office views: allows clinic-wide schedule snapshots and access
  • User defined color-coded appointment tracking, including missed, cancelled, confirmed and unconfirmed appointments: keeps staff members informed of all activities at a glance
  • Create procedure-defined, proactive prompts for necessary data collection and quality assurance when creating new and existing patient appointments so critical data is never missed
  • User defined setup of resources, procedures and time slots
  • Create hospital appointments and keep track of hospital billing
  • Definable and easily viewable provider and room availability
  • Double book, cut, copy, paste and drag/drop appointments
  • Appointment waiting list
  • View all patient details with one click: access face sheet, chart history, insurance information, reminder notes, previous appointments, and outstanding bills
  • Maintain patient demographics
  • Export schedule to a Windows Outlook capable handheld
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) — a system that automatically calls patients to remind them of appointments and logs the result of each reminder attempt
  • Authorization referral tracking based on procedure and/or insurance carrier, plan, or group
  • Auto generate letters referencing the status of appointments, procedures, doctors and/or office
  • Reserve time slots for specific procedures
  • Integrated Healthcare Portal -- patient can securely view and schedule their own appointments with specific physicians in specific offices via internet
  • Proactively assign instructions to front-office staff based on procedure and/or insurance carrier, plan, or group
  • Define combination of procedures that involve multiple resources or tasks
  • Schedule new patient without first requiring demographic data
  • Option to schedule patients based on “cases” (e.g. regular visits vs. workers comp visits)

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